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Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!
Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!

Work with me!

Our team is expanding beautifully + successfully! We are looking for new members to join this heart centered tribe + work of wellness wisdom!

ARE YOU A LOVER OF WELLNESS? Interested, Intrigued + inspired by Health + fitness in someway? Maybe You're already in healthcare, a mind body soul practitioner, a Yogi, a nutritionist, a fellow naturopath, a massage therapist, a mindfulness coach, or completely new to it but feel very passionate!?  . . . Y
ou feel enthusiastic + ready for a complete change, or adding a new niche in your own market! I welcome you! 


I discovered doTERRA Oils nearly 6 years ago whilst studying to be a Naturopath, I loved the oils + could instantly tell a difference from scent alone, in purity to any other oil I’d used before! On learning more about the quality, purity + the integrity of the company, via making the most of wonderful educational resources offered out by extended team, I knew that I’d want to connect + guide with these oils in my wellness work. Naturopathically, something very important I was learning + living was to be using The Best possible good Quality Health tools I could find + naturally then go on to recommend these in practice also, these oils certainly are of the best quality + purity!

I soon enough after experience with these oils for myself +my family, enhancing our lifestyle, found I was part of a very inspiring, supportive team + felt motivated to help others on their wellness journey with the oils. I now also enjoy leading those who are ready for an inspiring new life, transforming their health for the better + their work patterns also, empowering around good health + using the oils to help significantly improve the lifestyles of many. Trusting your intuition if you feel curious about sharing the oils it’s a great start, I‘d love to chat more about this, do message me and/or book in a free discovery call  . . .

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Intrigued + would like to know more?

Start your journey and wellness business with your kit of oils

DōTerra has been around for 11 years now and we are the largest essential oil company in the world for very good reason! …

The product speaks wonders and once people try the beautiful pure essential oils they usually want to use them again and again! There is no comparable product on the market in terms of both quality and transparency, that offers the same value.

The figures speak. In network marketing there is an average retention rate of just 13% . In comparison the dōTERRA retention rate is 70% (meaning 70% of people are happy with and do continue to buy these beautiful oils again in the first 3 months after initial purchase and 85% of people purchase again in the first year) The oils are certainly gifting us as mother nature intends and people feel and see it.

The product caters for all ages and all needs. It’s not a one trick wonder but something we can tune into. Everyone will benefit from the oils for at least one aspect in their life, and everyone can indeed benefit from their 100’s of different amazing uses!

The ongoing education, research and support poured in from dōTERRA corporate at a high quality means that people continue to use the oils and incorporate them into their wellness lifestyle for the rest of their lives as it does reveal so many health improvements which of course people enjoy the benefits of.

You can be sure you're partnering with a company that has incredible vision, passion, integrity, authenticity and heart centre in the way they go about all aspects of the process of supplying oils. If supporting an ethical and fair trade company matters to you…you have arrived in the right place, all as is meant to be of course!

The company is debt free and is revolutionising the healthcare industry, yey!  . . music to my ears, a healthcare revolution! And this is just the beginning…. now is the perfect time to jump in as awareness continues to grow around wellness and the much needed alternative healthcare now as much as ever, paving the way forward and re-connecting us with previous traditions of plant medicinal practices.

The dōTERRA compensation plan supports residual long lasting income. You really can dream big and you have the limitless potential to change your own life and your own finances significantly so you are free to do what you choose with your money and your time, a wonderful model and a mindful one at that, all about helping others to truly thrive. (Please message me for the average earning figures) A generous company in all they do, full circle, beautiful and a wonderful example.

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A few questions you may want to consider…

Are you happy with where you are in your life right now? If nothing changes in the next few years will you feel fulfilled? Are you open-minded to exploring new and exciting possibilities that could be the alignment to come for incredible change in your life?

Would you like the chance to earn a generous income which truly matches and aligns with the efforts you put in, with realistic potentials of increasing continuously?

If either of the points above speak to you and resonate then . . .


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I take this opportunity to invite you into our amazing team today. With different options available, there are opportunities to cover the cost of receiving your future  oils for free, to support or even replace your income!

With minimal start-up costs all you will need to get started is your oils and I will guide you with the rest with much inspiration and guidance to enjoy.

Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!
Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!

The Nature's Divine Oils Tribe

could be what you've been searching for if......

You want to be part of something meaningful. Your heart is speaking to you to make a change in your life for the better but you don’t quite know how.

You are interested in, or maybe you're already passionate about good health, supporting the body naturally, you're keen to learn more, to avoid chemicals and toxic overload and you want to live the high vibe life that leaves you feeling amazing! You would love to share this lifestyle with others as you learn. Win Win!

You are done with living life on other people’s terms. Constantly having to choose between what you truly want and what you feel tied to. You want to take back more control over the areas of your life that matter most to you with flexibility and fun!

You are ready to show up, take action and in return you are ready to experience incredible growth and satisfaction, whilst utilising the heartfelt satisfaction of creating a business to feel joyful about.

You have an inner ambition and passion to drive, to jump in and get started in creating the life you deserve, and feel this is coming!

You would like more freedom. The time to do what brings you joy and the time to be with the people you care about. Yes!

You want financial security that is long lasting and regular for yourself and your family, loved ones. Always helpful.

You can work on your own and also alongside others who share the same vision as you, as part of a wider team inspiring each other together as you work towards your goals and share support along the way. 

You want to be part of a big movement, making a positive impact in the world that makes other people’s lives so much better, beautiful!

When you join this awesome tribe we will support you to…

Find your true inner happy and let go of what no longer serves you as you create the space for what matters most.

Step into your own leadership and as your confidence and vision expands, to then embrace guiding others along the same wonderful journey.

Give the gift of healing and wellness to the people you care about as you empower yourself and many others, it’s such a wonderful offering!

Create freedom for yourself on many levels including time freedom, financial freedom and an inner purpose plus satisfaction that is invaluable to all.

Be your own boss and the designer of your own life and your destiny so you can focus on the things that truly matter to you with alignment to your values.

Carve out a business that is fun, joy filled, rewarding and also exciting using your unique skills and your own creative expression.

Create the flexibility you need, work from home or where may suit you best, from anywhere in the World! Plus choose your hours.

Join a team that is like family and will be there for you from the start. Holding hands as we show up in our fullness and rise up to the best versions of ourselves! Lets do this!

Book in call to discover and discuss what joining our tribe would look like for you!

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In joining the Natures Divine Oils tribe you will receive so much in terms of support to help you thrive with your business and turn your dreams into reality, all of the below when purchasing an enrolment kit through me.

INCLUDED IN offerings will be;

A 30 min introductory business overview with me

Regular 1 on 1 mentoring during your first 90 days, then ongoing mentoring check ins dependant on your goals and desired level of growth . 

Access to our closed business builders Facebook and what’s app closed groups for community support and much inspiration. 

Access to closed team pages for ready made business material and resources. 

Personal Customer oil education Facebook group to welcome your customers into for ongoing support and inspiring education including a regular virtual Oil Camp programme to provide high level customer support.

Access to your own doTERRA webpage, help with newsletters, and high resolution images when you start out so you have a base to get your business off to a good start.

Opportunities to attend live trainings, events and team meet ups over a cuppa, in person or virtually! Your Vibe attracts your tribe!


This is Exciting!


Book a Call to get started!



Sharing is Caring! I’m so glad I decided to welcome and also start sharing these wonderful oils (I couldn't not do so!) I welcome you to find out more and start your own wonderful journey with them, heart open and arms open wide to welcome you to the Tribe! I'm excited to connect!

Sally x

Schedule A Call With Me To Start!

Don’t  have oils yet? 

I recommend starting with the Home essentials kit which is the kit most of the team tend to begin with, including me! All of these oils are wonderful and so multi purpose. You can purchase the kit below, but make sure to also schedule a call with me!

Home Essentials Kit


Wholesale Price


The Home essentials kit would be a good one to go for, as it contains the 10 core oils that you would definitely use for all aspects of health and is a great natural toolkit, plus you’d receive the free diffuser. This kit is the most popular starter kit and the kit I started with!

Essential Oils (15 mL): Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint

Essential Oil Blends: doTERRA Air® (15 mL), Deep Blue® (5 mL), doTERRA On Guard® (15 mL), ZenGest® (15 mL)

Other Products: Petal Diffuser, Essentials Booklet

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