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The Ten Core Essential Oils plus some of their uses and gifts


Lemon The Oil of focus.
Lusciously Cleansing, detoxifying, alkalising.

 Great to use as a natural, effective eco cleaner in the home


Lavender The Oil of Communication and Calm.

Lovingly Calming, and soothing.

Wonderful in supporting restful sleep, beautiful in a bath.

A good ‘First aid’ support for bites, burns, stings, bruises, emotions.


Peppermint The Oil of Buoyant Heart.

Perfectly Cooling and refreshing. Supportive to the digestive system, a great energy boost, eases head tension.


Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) The Oil of Energetic Boundaries.

A Marvellous help to skin irritations, very helpful to ease mouth ulcers and target nail fungus. Useful to promote a scalp health, helps remove mould spores from the air and useful in gut cleanses.


Oregano The Oil of Humlility and Non Attachment.

The Original Natures Anti Biotic. In immune challenges this oil is an invaluable support. Protective against viruses and bacteria. Anti-Parasitic and fungal, good at fighting verrucas plus you can use a drop of this in your cooking! A must dilute oil as it’s known as a Hot oil and can irritate the skin if used neat.


On Guard The Oil of Protection.

Oh my favourite Oil! As a Naturopath I wouldn’t be without this oil blend for it’s immunity supporting properties. A seasonal staple of preventative Health tools in our house from around October to early March then used extra as and when needed. Good to dilute and apply to the soles of the feet. Diffuse to cleanse and the air and protect your space. Great in your effective natural eco cleaners too. Also really yummy in porridge!


Zengest The Oil of Assimilation.

The Digestive Blend. A Wonderful blend for all things digestive health, supportive in so many ways. Apply diluted to areas of discomfort on the stomach/abdomen, apply a drop to water and sip to soothe, inhale from the bottle/palm of hands. Such a help and handy in the car for any travel sickness!


Air The Oil of Breath.

 A wonderful blend for respiratory support. Useful to diffuse to ease congestion and open the airways. I love this one diluted and applied across my chest for yoga practice, supporting breath work opportunities!


Deep Blue The Oil for Surrendering Pain.

This oils supports inflammatory response within the body and is so helpful to ease aches and pains. A great support before and after exercise and wonderful in an Epsom salt bath.


Frankincence The Oil of Truth. 

Powerful for cellular health renewal,

researched to have abilities to cross the blood brain barrier and support neurological health. Known as the King of oils, supports anti inflammatory response within the body. Beautifully soothing and relaxing. A precious addition to your supportive skin care. 

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