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Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!


Copy of Copy of Q & A 8pm uk time here!

Raw Divine Cacao 

Beautiful, nutritious, delicious raw, organic cacao paste and bars, rich in antioxidants, magnesium, and mood boosters; bringing much love and heart nourishment! Created from cacao beans mindfully sourced from the San Martino region, by a cooperative of small producers from Tocache, Peru, exporting one of the best cocoa in the world, under the strictest practices of environmental protection, organic production, labour justice and fair trade. 

The cacao is then lovingly stoneground into paste in Wales, by myself, leaving it as it is for ceremonial grade cacao paste heading your way, and also adding in further natural pure goodness for my bars and treats! 
Just a little unrefined coconut sugar is added to my paste (which is also used in my bars) to remove some of the bitterness while not hiding the flavour of the cacao behind a wall of sweetness, this is super important to me! Packed and posted in recyclable/ compostable materials where ever possible. **Please note a completely unsweetened option is available on request.

Thank you for your orders and supporting my small Divine business! All of my treats are plant based, high quality, pure powerful yet gentle medicine from Mother Nature and are Vegan friendly! 
Cacao is a natural stimulant and can increase the heart rate. Keep hydrated with pure water whilst you enjoy your cacao in your life too! 

* All packaging is eco friendly, wonderful although kinda rustic at the moment whilst I prepare some changes! Please Refrigerated your Cacao bars when they arrive, the Cacao paste however is best stored at room temp! x

Please take a look at my video if you feel to, explaining how to make your own Cacao drink/ elixir from my cacao paste! More helpful videos to be posted over time x

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