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I’m delighting to be bringing a round of this programme from the  . . . ., delivering this beautiful offering to you! + Here’s your invite . .

Join the Mistresses of The Oils in a transformational 10 day, guided spiritual retreat to reconnect with yourself + the Spirit of the Earth. Every other day you will be guided through a ritual or spiritual practice, connect with the spirit of an essential oil, cleanse + balance the energy centres of the body, so that you finish the experience feeling refreshed, renewed + more aligned with nature + your own spiritual journey. This is a unique online experience through a private event cafe group online. With a closing ceremony too!

We are looking for a very special group of people to join our sacred Spirit of the Earth Retreat. On being accepted into the Programme you will receive a gorgeous, carefully crafted retreat kit of magical items you'll need for the week including oils, herbs, crystals + cacao. You will also receive a list of easily available, optional extras to gather together to enhance your experience throughout the time together.

We are offering The Spirit of the Earth Retreat for a very special £33 with access to a long term access group. Numbers are limited so do let us know as soon as possible if you'd like to join us. The Mistresses are all highly experienced in their fields + are passionate about the highest vibration + purest quality of essential oils. As coaches, healers, + spiritual leaders, we have a passion for sharing knowledge, wisdom + experience in areas such as ayurveda, crystals, plant spirit, yoga, cacao, breath work, meditation +women's health.

Doors opening  . . . . , book on asap if you’d like to claim a place!

Please purchase your exchange here, this will then connect us + I will send out an email of the things you will need for this Beautiful journey. ** PLEASE SELECT 'DIVINE KITCHEN, STORE PICK UP' postage wise when checking out for this so there is no added cost! + pop me your address so I can get your goodie box for the journey posted to you!

I'm very much looking forward to guiding you in this space. Much Love, Sally xx

Spirit of the Earth Online Retreat

Please email me to be on our list of interest for the next retreat coming soon!x
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