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The finest, pure ceremonial grade cacao in a larger amount! Use this for your own longer lasting supply, or for your  retreats/ceremonies + beautiful offerings, it's an honour to know the love is being shared!  

* lightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar so ready to nibble as it is, and/or melt down gently over a low temperature to make your own chocs; mixing in additions of your choice- nuts, doTERRA oils to flavour, extra superfoods etc  and/or use to create a wonderful choc drink/ elixir of your choice! Beautiful. See my 'classes' for cacao ceremonies + more x
Please store at room temperature, no need to refrigerate.

Please take a look at my video if you feel to, explaining how to make your own Cacao drink/ elixir from my cacao paste! More helpful videos to be posted over time x

Ceremonial Grade Cacao *Lightly sweetened; ready to nibble!

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